Welcome to Ceramics Today

Ceramics Today is a new potters’ community online.

Whether you want to explore ceramics, develop your creative side, help people in your community to craft with clay and in doing so improve their wellbeing, or are just interested in all things around pottery, this online resource is for you.

In the Be Inspired section, you will discover trends, news, interviews of people who recently started pottery, stories from experienced potters which aim at encouraging you to get into pottery.

Our Learn section will provide you with step-by-step illustrated instructions how to get from zero to making beautiful ceramics. You will find tutorials, masterclasses, workshops and courses online prepared and delivered by experienced potters and studios (coming soon).

The Get Connected section will provide you with a list of selected pottery studios, ceramicists, material and equipment providers, magazines and professional bodies based in the UK, to help you develop your hobby.

The About page will tell you more about our team and contributors. We are a diverse team of UK based experienced and amateur ceramicists who love to engage with our communities and teach beginners.

Our founding members are all experienced and amateur potters who are engaged with their communities in the UK. Some are running community pottery studios, participating in community activities, teaching clay activities or more simply making pots as a business or hobby.

They are all committed to inspire a large audience to explore ceramics as a way to develop their creative side, and in doing so improve their wellbeing. Discover more about our team and contributors on this page.

We would love you follow us on our social media pages and tell us what you would like to see featured on our community online. Feel free to contact us.

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