Interview of Florence Corbi

Photo of Florence Corbi

On the 21st of Oct 2021 , Ceramics Today interviewed Florence Corbi a French established porcelain sculptor and ceramicist, with a career spanning over 15 years and more than 50 exhibitions under her belt. She talked about her recent participation to Maison and Object trade show in Paris, her sources of inspiration, how she started pottery and what are her next objectives.

Below the video, Florence’s forthcoming exhibitions are listed. You will find also a link to an article (in French) on Florence in the Métiers D’Art magazine, and pictures of her recent sculptures.

Florence Corbi interview for Ceramics Today

Links to Florence Corbi website and Instagram account:

Forthcoming exhibitions and galleries

  • Maison et Objet – Paris – 20-24 Jan 2022
  • Château de Luneville: Exhibition Reminiscence (12th Mar-3rd Apr 2022) + Metiers d’Art fair in the castel’s gardens (1-3rd Apr – artists participation with open studio)
  • Vaux en Beaujolais – 3-5 Jun 2022.

Exhibition of sculptures:

  • Pezenas : Maison des ateliers d’art de France until 31 Dec 21.
  • La NEF , Montpelier , Atelier d’art de France – Jan-Mar 2022 – Spring theme.
  • Talent Etoiles, Paris , Atelier d’art de France. Jan-Mar 2022 – Les coraux


  • Vendôme : Galerie Laurent Potier
  • My Discoverys, Julien Cohen
  • Galerie C. Jacques , Nice
  • Parigobrac , Laguiole, (From Dec 2021)

Article in French about Florence Corbi in Parole de Créateur – Métiers D’Art magazine

Pictures of Florence’s sculptures:

Photography credits: all photos are from Pascal Luciani, except the last one from Tim Perceval

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